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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Blossoms

4th January 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which of course is 4G enabled, is selling like hot cakes and is due to multiply in colours too.   Back in November, 2012 we reported that Samsung had sold over 5 million Samsung Galaxy Note 2s since it went on sale in September. This included both the 4G and 3G versions and applied to global sales.   Samsung are now forecasting that it will sell over 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by the end of March, 2013. This would mean that the Note 2 would outsell the original Samsung Galaxy Note in achieving 10 million sales, by achieving the fiqure a full 2 months earlier.   Another bit of news that will certainly give the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sales figures a boost is that three new colours will be available in the not too distant future. Currently it only comes in Marble White and Titanium Grey with the Marble White being sold by EE within its 4G portfolio of phones and tablets. We already know that a black version has also been spotted and is likely to be on sale in the first quarter of 2013.   The latest new colours were leaked by Unwired View who were also sporting the above somewhat hazy photo. This shows the newest colours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as Ruby Wine and Amber Brown which will certainly bring more, much needed colour options to the range. We expect to see EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) adding at least one more colour to its range as they currently only offer the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Marble White.   To find out more about the 4G enabled Note please check out our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review here.
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