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The iPhone 5 4G – the new design run through

16th September 2012
[caption id="attachment_705" align="aligncenter" width="185"] looks at the design improvements of the iPhone 5. looks at the design improvements of the iPhone 5.[/caption]

This is the third in a series of articles looking at what the new iPhone 5 4G brings to the smartphone arena.

The iPhone 5 brings a whole new exterior design in glass and aluminium finished to extremely high standards To confirm the extent to which Apple has developed and designed the iPhone 5 casing, Apple say the back of the iPhone 5 is covered in glass inlays but the clever bit is that the aluminium case housing is photographed using high-end cameras and then a verification process undertakes a comparison of the 725 precision inlays to find a unique precision match for every individual iPhone 5.

The edge of the iPhone 5 is precision cut using a crystalline diamond to machine a bevelled contoured edge which easily surpasses its iPhone 4S predecessor. The top and bottom of the iPhone 5’s display is manufactured from pigmented glass for the black and slate editions and in ceramic glass for the white and silver models.

Physically, the iPhone 5 is the lightest variant of the iPhone to-date and also the most powerfully tooled up one. It comes in at only 7.6mm deep and weighs a mere 112 grams.

The size and weight are aided by the new 4G LTE chip which is dual-purpose and handles both voice and mobile data. Screen technology uses an "integrated touch technology" which eliminates the need for one of the display’s layers again helping lower the overall size and weight of the iPhone 5.

The processing power of the iPhone 5 is double that of the iPhone 4S ( new A6 to older A5 chip-set ) yet Apple has reduced its physical form by 22%. Additionally, the camera is 20% smaller whilst the new "Lightning" dock provides an 80% reduction over the iPhone 4S.

Taking all the above design improvements into account, Apple has achieved a much cooler and faster smartphone than the iPhone 4S and its smaller and lighter ! Nice job Apple.

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