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Save £168 with a 4GEE Shared Plan

19th September 2013

4GEE Shared Plans

[caption id="attachment_4835" align="aligncenter" width="624"]4GEE Shared Plans Pick A 4G Phone and Get A Second For Free.[/caption]

Share Your 4GEE Plan

EE has a cracking way to save some money which could save you as much £168 per annum.  The terrific news with these 4GEE shared plans is that you can get 10GB of data to share between you and your family and friends who are included in the plan. You also get unlimited calls and texts plus just one bill.

The best news of all with the 4GEE Shared Plans is that you effectively get a "2 for 1" deal. As an example you can take out a 4GEE shared plan with a HTC One and get a HTC One mini for FREE. You can actually choose your own devices but some of the most popular combinations are shown below.

Main 4G Device Free 4G Device
HTC One HTC Mini
Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S4 4GEE Data Combi SIM
iPhone 5 4GEE Data Combi SIM
iPhone 5 iPad Mini
Samsung Galaxy S4 Huawei E5776
Sony Xperia SP Sony Xperia SP

You can check out the full details of the 4GEE Shared Plan here.

This package will not suit everyone but we can see a lot of uses. It could be useful for someone who wants 2 phones for themselves or a tablet and a phone for themselves. Then there’s the husband and wife team or a couple of mates and of course the smaller business user. Getting three of these packages for a business with 6 employees should be a no brainer.

The cost of a 4GEE shared plan consisting of Sony Xperia SP with another Sony Xperia SP thrown in for free with 10GB of shared data and unlimited calls and texts is £68 per month with no upfront cost. This increases to £78 a month for Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with an upfront cost of £20 for the phones.

You can check out the full details of the 4GEE Shared Plan here.

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