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Lowest priced 30-day SIM only deals

31st March 2016


Contracts can sometimes save you money, but being tied in for anywhere from 12 to 24 months isn’t always ideal. That’s where 30-day SIM only deals come in. You’re free to change network with no more than a month’s notice and you’re not paying out for a new phone.

They can be pricier than longer contracts but they don’t have to cost the Earth. In fact, many 30-day SIM only deals are quite cheap. Finding the cheapest can be a headache though, so we’ve done the leg work for you.

Below you’ll find the lowest priced 30-day SIM only deals across all the major UK networks and MVNOs, ordered by price, from cheapest to most expensive.

ID Mobile is currently cheapest - £4 a month

Right now ID Mobile has the cheapest 30-day SIM only offer around, at just £4 per month for 250MB of 4G data, 250 minutes and 5000 texts. Be aware that you won’t benefit from the network’s free roaming or data rollover extras on this tariff, but it’s still a great deal if you just want to save money.

The People’s Operator - £4.99p a month

The People’s Operator has a 30-day deal that’s just 99p more, coming in at £4.99. For that you get 500MB of data, 100 minutes and 100 texts. So it’s good for data but very restrictive for talking and texting. It’s also worth noting that this is just 3G data. To get faster 4G you’ll have to pay £6.99 per month, which will get you a generous 2GB, plus 600 minutes and unlimited texts.

Giffgaff - £5 a month

Giffgaff comes in at a single penny more, offering 100MB of 4G data, 125 minutes and 500 texts for £5 per month. That’s cheap but those allowances aren’t great compared to what ID Mobile is offering for even less.

TalkTalk - £5 a month

TalkTalk is exactly the same price, at £5 for its cheapest 30-day SIM only deal. However, it’s worse value than Giffgaff, as you get 200MB of 3G data, 100 minutes and 250 texts. Sadly TalkTalk doesn’t currently offer 4G. Though this is likely to change in the fairly near future.

Tesco Mobile - £7.50 a month

Tesco Mobile comes in next at a pricier £7.50 per month. That’s a significant jump in price and you don’t even get any data for that. Just 250 minutes and 5000 texts. If you want to chow down on some data as well you’ll need to pay £10, which gets you 500MB of 4G, 500 minutes and 5000 texts. Much better.

Three - £11 a month

Three’s cheapest 30-day SIM only deal is another significant jump in price at £11, but it’s still the cheapest of the four main UK networks. For that money you get 500MB of 4G data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts. Don’t forget that Three customers also benefit from extras like free roaming in 18 international destinations through Feel at Home.

Vodafone - £11.50p a month

Vodafone is a little pricier at £11.50 and for that you get just half as much data as Three. You’re looking at 250MB of 4G data, plus 300 minutes and 500 texts. Not quite as good value then, though Vodafone does have more 4G coverage than Three.

O2 - £12 a month

O2 pushes the price up to £12 per month and for that all you get is 250MB of 4G data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts, plus a similar amount of 4G coverage to Vodafone. You do however get access to O2 Priority deals, tickets and competitions.

EE is currently most expensive at £12.99p a month

EE is unsurprisingly the most expensive of the bunch, with its lowest price 30-day SIM only deal coming in at £12.99 per month. The allowances are exactly the same as O2, so 250MB of 4G data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts.

If you want a bargain this isn’t it, but don’t count it out either. EE has more widespread 4G coverage than any other network, over 95% population coverage in fact. So it goes some way to justifying the price.

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