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EE Beef Up It's 4GEE Pricing Structure

23rd January 2013

EE Beef Up

EE has beefed up its 4G mobile price plans with a limited time offer and introduced new price plans for its 4GEE mobile service. 4G.co.uk can’t help to wonder if the new price plan changes are anything to do with the announcement that Phones 4U will sell 4G phone and 4G tablet mobile contracts via its 622 High Street shops and outlets at Dixons, Currys and PC World.

As we covered yesterday, Phones 4u have set up a subsidiary called Life Mobile as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator ( MVNO ) via EE - more on this here. 4G.co uk can't help to think that Phones 4u have suggested some improvements to pricing prior to joining as an MVNO. We mean there can't be many in the mobile phone business who understands what it takes to sell 4G mobile phones than Phones 4u.

EE ( which owns orange and T-Mobile ) is the only mobile operator currently offering 4G mobile in the UK - which they launched around 10 weeks ago. However, even though EE claim conversions to 4G mobile contracts and the addition of new mobile contracts are better than expected, EE seems reluctant to issue sales figures.

At the time of the launch of 4G, EE were very confident that they had the pricing of their 4G mobile contracts “spot-on” and we see this as a fine tuning exercise taking in feedback and adjusting their pricing accordingly and maybe input from Phones 4u. EE has amended its 4G pricing structure before the other mobile operators launch their own 4G mobile services around June time.

4GEE Pricing – limited offer

The limited time offer from 31 January until 31 March lets consumers select a HTC One SV or a Nokia Lumia 820 with unlimited calls and texts for £31 per month. The downside for this offer is that you have to pay a £30 one off charge for the handset itself and you get a miserly 500MB of 4G mobile data allowance. EE say this will save a total of £90 over the term of a 2 year contract.

4GEE Pricing – 20GB data price plan

This plan say EE will satisfy the needs of around 1% of its consumers who they class as “super users” who need up to 20GB of 4G mobile data per month. The new 20GB plan is offered at a special rate of £61 per month when you take out a 2 year contract before 28th February.

4GEE Pricing – SIM only plans

Two SIM only plans are being introduced. A 20GB SIM only plan will cost £46 per month until the offer runs out on 28th February. There is also a new 8GB SIM only plan which has been introduced for £41 per month.

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