September 13, 2013

EE’s New ‘Swap’ Service Lets You Upgrade Early


Swap Your 4G Phone Much Sooner With EE Swap

Change You 4G Phone Every 6 Months with EE Swap.

Change You 4G Phone Every 6 Months with EE Swap.

EE has announced a new scheme called ‘Swap’, which allows customers on pay monthly contracts to upgrade early to a new phone. It’s available to customers who are at least 6 months into an 18 or 24 month 4GEE, Orange or T-Mobile contract.

Customers who want to take advantage of ‘Swap’ can simply head to an EE store, return their existing phone, pay a one off fee and come away with a shiny new handset on a new 24 month 4GEE plan.

Not only is it a way to make sure you always have the latest and greatest smartphone, but for T-Mobile and Orange customers it’s also a handy way to get access to 4G before their contract is up.

‘Swap’ plans will be available from the 17th of September and come in 4 flavours. There’s a £36 a month plan which includes 1.5GB of data and carries a one off charge of £249, a £41 a month plan which comes with 2GB of data and has a one off £199 charge, a £46 per month plan with 10GB of data and a £129 charge or a £51 per month plan with 20GB of data and a £49 charge. All of the plans also include unlimited minutes and texts.

Currently you can only use the scheme if you have an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One and it has to be in good condition. However you’ll be able to swap your handset for any device in EE’s 4G range, so you needn’t be lumbered with something inferior.

Right now that mostly makes it useful for customers who don’t already have 4G, since swapping one high end phone for another at a steep cost doesn’t sound all that appealing.



  • Molly

    How will I have to pay to upgrade my phone to the iphone5s?

    • Kevin Thomas

      Hi Molly

      The best way is to over to this page on EE

      Has all details
      Hope that helps

  • Sander

    So… I have a Sony Xperia Z on a business contract, £51/month. I would love to “swap” to an Xperia Z1 Compact… Would I be eligible? It’s a shared plan with 3 other lines on it…

  • http://Ee D

    S3 on 24month. Its been over 12 months now. So i can defo take phone bk to shop, pay a fee and upgrade to the s5 ?? Simple?

  • Richard Davis

    If EE are as good at maintaining a stable 4G connection as they are HSPDA its not worth having.

  • Amy

    Ive got the iphone 5s in great condition but really want the new 6plus. Im on a £46 contract which runs out oct 15, whats the best way for me to do it and how much would it cost me?

  • Dean Hughes

    It seems EE have pulled this initiative. Not happy, that’s the only reason I joined EE. No iPhone 6 for me it seems. Gutted

  • Zoe

    I have an iPhone 5 and I’m 15 months I to my 24 month contract, my phone is In very good condition, would I be able to swap my phone/contract for the iPhone 6 plus?

  • toni richardson

    I am not fully past 6 months yet but i have a question,do you have to be paying a certain amount for your contract to pay a fee and upgrade early? I have the htc one m8 and its far too big for me and i wanted to get the new htc desire eye when its been 6 months on my contract i pay £31 a month for my contract

  • Lukasz Jercha

    Can i do swap with BlackBerry passport?if yes how much i need to pay? Im 9moths with ee on this contract.

  • Sam howells

    I’m 7 months into a contract with t mobile and km looking at up grading can I do t I have a samsung s5.