June 23, 2014

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  • Rory


    Noticed a small error on your site, on this page http://www.4g.co.uk/vodafone-4g-network-summary/.

    It’s a Vodafone 4G page but it says “4G from O2 uses the following network frequency:”

    That’s all,

    Rory H.

    • Kevin Thomas

      Thanks Rory thats sorted.

  • http://EE sarfraz

    I would like to know if existing EE customer is entitled to £50 Amazon vouchers when buying a second sim only contract which is £12.99 for unlimited min/texts and 2gb data.

  • Mrs C Coates

    Following the roadworks you have undertaken on Holly Lodge Drive,Kingsthorpe, Northampton, I have suffered continued interference to my TV reception. I have paid £96 to have the TV looked at by an engineer, who confirmed it was caused by the work you have been recently doing. After having the picture put right, I am now experiencing a continually distorted picture which is again caused by your work. I understand you will post me a device that will correct this problem so I look forward to receiving two to correct both my TVs. At the moment I am unable to watch either set, so look forward to receiving them shortly. My address is 742 Obelisk Rise, Kingsthorpe, Northampton NN2 8TP.

  • Carlos

    Devizes has just had an O2 upgrade to 4G. I haven’t seen you reporting about it. What is your criteria in producing news about network upgrades and where these happen?

    • Harry

      I have seen so many for Vodafone and O2 yet they don’t get a mention on here! Vodafone and O2’s coverage percentages on their pages don’t get updated, too. Much more detail for EE on here and always offers flashing up so maybe they favour them due to sponsorship…

  • Don

    Why has the wifi at Fitness First Wednesbury stopped allowing access to video streaming such as Netflix and Amazon? It worked perfectly up until a few days ago. Very frustrating.

  • Atif Sha

    Hi Sir

    I here by requested i need I phone 6s plus but i cant afford that cost poor family background i hope positive respond me wait ??????????


    Atif Sha

  • G stewart

    I just got my new EE sim card after being phoned from an EE agent. He promised that 1, my number wouldn’t change 2, my call allowance wouldn’t change, I would get unlimited texts and 2gb data per month and 3, the cost would remain the same at £10. This turns out to have been a blatant lie. I am now getting 300 minutes a month less and half the data I was getting before. This is utterly unacceptable. Youve just lost a customer by lying to get me to change tarrifs and I’ve lost the phone number I’ve had for years.

  • christine

    why has my tablet stopped connecting to wifi

  • Carolyn Bailey

    Hi, I live in rural Teesdale and have set up an external antenna and LTE router to pick up the 4G network. Can anyone tell me where I can find out which frequency is being transmitted in my area as I suspect my antenna, which is a dual 1800MHz and 2100MHz is not the best for where I am (should it be able to pick up the 800MHz frequency?). I pick up a very weak and intermittent 4G signal, although the 3G signal is strong. Thanks very much indeed

  • Bob Stimpson

    The coverage checker for Redditch B98 shows 4bars inside for 4G and 5bars for 3G. Since being persuaded to switch from O2 to BT Mobile/EE a few months ago I rarely see more than 1 or 2 bars and much of the time I miss calls in my own house due to no signal strength at all. I’ve considered installing a 4G booster, but am concerned an EE cell is out of action? How can the coverage check be so wrong? I’d have stayed with O2 I I’d known this would impact my business so much.

  • S

    Can you update the the recent OFCOM results please?