February 22, 2016

The best networks for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge


The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are now available for pre-order on all the major UK networks, the question now is which one should you choose?

4G coverage is obviously a big consideration and so is price, especially given that these are expensive phones no matter where you buy them.

With that in mind we’ve created a guide to the best network to choose for coverage, for price, and the best overall, while factoring in what else each network gives you too.

Best for coverage


This one’s easy. With over 95% UK population coverage EE’s 4G network exceeds any of its rivals and it continues to grow all the time.

Three, O2 and Vodafone are all catching up, but they’re behind for now. Not only does EE have more widespread 4G coverage but it’s also often faster, as the network offers double-speed 4G in many locations and even LTE-A in some.

Vodafone and Three both deserve a nod too. Vodafone because like EE it offers incredibly fast LTE-A in select locations and Three because it offers 4G Super-Voice so you can make calls over 4G

Also, while Three’s UK coverage isn’t the best it lets you use data abroad for free through Feel at Home. That’s a good bonus, but it only gives you 3G data abroad and on home soil EE is the clear winner.

Winner: EE – click here for the Galaxy S7 on EE


Best for price


Vodafone has the Samsung Galaxy S7 for just £29 per month plus £169 upfront on a 24-month contract. That comes out at £865 overall and is the cheapest deal offered by any major UK network. For that money you get 1GB of data, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes.

Three comes a close second, with the phone available from £35 per month with £99 upfront. That comes out at £939 and includes 1GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

Then there’s O2 with a bottom end price of £33.50 per month plus £139.99 upfront, which comes out at £943.99, but you only get 500MB of monthly data with that. To get 1GB of data like rivals offer you’re looking at £37.50 per month plus £109.99 upfront, which totals £1009.99.

That’s still cheaper than EE though, which starts at £39.99 per month plus £109.99 upfront. That’s £1069.75 over 24 months.


The situation is similar when looking at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Vodafone offers the phone from £35 per month plus £169 upfront, which comes out at £1009. That’s for the same 1GB of data tariff as the standard Galaxy S7.

Three charges £41 per month plus £99 upfront for its 1GB tariff, coming out at £1083. O2 is asking for £38.50 per month plus £79.99 upfront for 500MB of data. That amounts to £1003.99, which ever so slightly undercuts Vodafone but for a lot less data. For 1GB of data you’re looking at £42.50 per month plus £69.99 upfront, which comes to £1089.99.

EE is again the most expensive though, with prices starting at £44.99 per month plus £99.99 upfront. That’s £1179.75 in total, however notably that’s for 2GB of monthly data, as the network doesn’t offer a 1GB option on the S7 Edge.

So Vodafone is the cheapest and best value for both handsets, especially if you don’t need a huge amount of data. At the high-end Vodafone is still competitive at £56 per month plus £9 upfront for 20GB of data, coming out at £1353. However, EE edges it here with a cost of £49.99 per month plus £69.99 upfront for the same amount of data, totalling £1269.75.

For the standard Samsung Galaxy S7 Vodafone is again the cheapest at the high-end though, coming in at £50 per month plus £9 upfront for 20GB of data. That’s £1209 overall, but it’s only ever so slightly cheaper than EE’s price of £49.99 per month plus £29.99 upfront, coming out at £1229.75.

Winner: Vodafone – click here for the Galaxy S7 on Vodafone


Best overall


With Vodafone winning on price and being a runner up on coverage it comes out as the joint best network overall for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, especially as it also offers 4G roaming abroad (though not for free).

EE ties with it, as its coverage is the best and while it’s pricey for small amounts of data it comes into its own if you want a large allowance.

EE is also best overall if money is no object, while Three is worth a mention if you’re seriously data hungry, as it’s the only network to offer unlimited data.

Of course this could all change once networks starting dropping the price of Samsung’s new flagships, but for now Vodafone or EE are the places to be.

Winner: EE / Vodafone : click links for respective  Galaxy S7 deals