December 14, 2012

iPhone 5S – More details surface

iPhone 5S Logo

This is’s third article this week about the forthcoming iPhone 5S. Why is there so much interest in the iPhone 5S you may wonder – well the iPhone 5 has just won the Times Magazine Gadget of the year award and when a smartphone sells over 5 million units in its first weekend on sale this tends to make its successor a “hot potato”.

The latest information doing the rounds is that the iPhone 5S will be available to buy in June 2013. A new report from Peter Misek, from research analysts Jefferies, used information from  “supply chain checks” to glean these latest details. This is a well respected forecaster / analyst and we see no reason not to go with a June date for the iPhone 5S and the specification details below.

Peter Misek included some specification details that indicate that the main camera and display screen will be at a level called “super HD resolution” which we have not heard of before. We can only assume this means a PPI of higher than 326 which is what the current iPhone 5 comes in at.

More details suggest that the iPhone 5S’s touch screen display will be called Retina+ and be made of IGZO. have not heard of IGZO before but we now know that this is all to do with transparent thin-film transistor technology which allows smaller screen pixels with a faster touch speed coupled with a higher resolution. Gosh sounds good.

Other noteable details via Peter Misek include the addition of NFC, a quad-core A7 processor and a longer lasting battery for the iPhone 5S.

Our earlier posts suggested that Apple are in the process of a pre-production run of the iPhone 5S and we also posted the only photograph of the iPhone 5S we have seen to-date ( rear cover snap showing a change in the mounting positions ). More on this here.