November 21, 2012

EE’s Clone Phone Explained

EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) launched its 4GEE mobile network a few weeks ago and this includes a free service called EE Clone Phone. Basically, EE’s Phone Clone system is a data backup feature so that all your 4G phone data such as contacts, photos and videos will always be protected from loss.

EE have produced the video below and this shows how EE’s Phone Clone works. You start by downloading the “EE Phone Clone App” which is available for iPhones and Android. EE say this will be extended to include other Operating Systems e.g. BlackBerry in the future.

Once you’ve registered you can then backup your contacts, calendar, pictures and videos on your 4G phone onto the Phone Clone. This is very useful if you ever lose your phone or its broken beyond repair. It can also be used to transfer all the data from your old 4G phone when you upgrade to a newer one.

The basic Phone Clone service is included free of charge with up to 500MB of cloud space. If you feel you need more, then 16GB will set you back £4 extra a month and you get the “Find My Phone” service included too. You can download the Phone Clone App here.

  • sandy robertson

    It’d be nice if you would make the basic My EE app work first. Like other customers, I was told my monthly 2gb data had run out and that I’d have to buy morem I purchased 1gb that has to be used within a week. – then found in fact my original allowance was NOT finished, meanwhile time is running out on the extra which cannot be used until the allowance is used. Wasted money. No reply to complaint email. Grrrr!!!!