March 26, 2014

EE Introduces New 4G Entry Level Tariffs at just £14.

4GEE for businessEE have made 4G available to the masses by introducing its lowest tariff so far which costs just £13.99p a month.

For this you get 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data with a 24 month contract. This is a good package apart from the miserly amount of mobile data. However, if you use Wi-Fi for the majority of your downloading and uploading then it is certainly manageable.

Those looking for a shade more data allowance can pay £18.99p for 1GB. A new 4G Extra plan arrives which costs £21.99p for 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB, with double speed included. Those looking for 4GB of data pay £26.99p.

Of course you cant expect free high end smartphones for £14 a month but you can choose between EE’s own branded Kestrel smartphone or the Alcatel Idol S. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, BlackBerry Q5 or the Nokia Lumia 625 come into play for an upfront cost of £19.99p.

EE launched 4G in the UK way back in October, 2012, but higher prices over 3G were always an issue for some. However, with the kinda prices EE are currently offering this has all but eradicated.

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  • Russ

    True that you don’t get much at the lower end, but at the upper end, EE are now offering unlimited mins/text plus a very generous 20GB of data for £23.99 which is amazingly good value for money.
    Thanks for the headsup 😀

  • Matthew Morgan

    only 500MB of data is this a joak?

  • Russ

    Hmm, and just a day after my post, the 20GB for £23 per month SIM Only tariff drops the allowance to a meagre 4GB, and the same tariff with a subsidised handset rockets up from £37.99 to £67!
    What the hell are EE playing at? Launch some finally decent tariffs for a couple of days, but then do a u-turn and epically destroy them. Rubbish.

  • Kevin

    Hi Russ

    That offer of 20GB was an error on EE website although me and they have since brought the website down for maintenance and updated the prices and packages. However, not before me some colleagues made a few orders for it. For example they have discontinued the 20GB package and only go up to 4GB for the sim only.

    The 20GB was menat to be £62.99 for 30day sim only but whome ever uploaded the prices put it in as £26.99.