October 9, 2015

BT Mobile now offers the UK’s best value 4G plan

BT 4G Coverage

4G mobile tariffs have come down in price a lot over the last couple of years, but BT has just pushed them down even lower with its refreshed SIM Only plans.

The company got back into the mobile market earlier this year and was already offering some tempting deals, but they’ve just got even better, with its entry-level SIM Only plan now giving you 500MB of 4G data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts for just £6 per month if you’re a BT Broadband customer. Even if you’re not it’s still pretty good value at £11 per month.

If you need greater allowances you could instead opt for 2GB of 4G data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts, which will cost you £11 per month if you have BT Broadband or £16 if you don’t.

At the top end there’s a tariff with a massive 20GB of 4G data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for just £20 if you have BT Broadband and £25 if you don’t.

As well as being available at brilliant prices, especially if you live in a BT Broadband household, these plans also give you unlimited access to BT’s Wi-Fi network of over 5 million hotspots.

BT is an EE MVNO, so you know coverage is going to be great and you don’t even need to be named on a BT Broadband bill to get the best prices, you just need to live in a BT Broadband house.

Plus while each plan is twelve months long you can move to a different one if you find your usage changes and your contract won’t be extended, even if you move to a cheaper tariff.

Customers also get free access to BT Sport via the BT Sport app, including access to Barclays Premier League football matches, even if they don’t have BT Broadband, and with spending caps and the ability to monitor your spend through the BT Mobile app you’re always in control of your bill.

All in all it’s a very compelling offer and hopefully will push other networks to further lower their prices too.

  • Russ

    These tariffs are possibly “the cheapest” if you are a BT Broadband customer, but if you are not, and you only need 500Mb or 2GB, giffgaff actually BEATS the ‘non BT Broadband customer’ monthly fees with their equivalent tariffs by £3.50 on the 500Mb, £4 on the 2GB.

    • Matthew Ramsden

      True but BT Mobile uses EE and they have by far the best 4G network

      • Russ

        Certainly no-one can deny that EE currently have the widest spread of 4G coverage thanks to the head-start Ofcom allowed them.

        However, “best” is subjective, despite what Rootmetrics and this site would have folks believe…

        I frequently have to abandon calls on my business-provided EE phone as the call quality is appalling. Far less frequently so with my personal Vodafone (which is what I usually end up using instead).