November 24, 2016

Black Friday Mobile Deals Roundup

black friday deals

It’s almost Black Friday, and many of the sales have already started, meaning there are plenty of mobile bargains ready to be grabbed.

In fact, there’s almost too many, making it hard to find the best deals, so we’ve done that for you and selected three of the best offers from each of the UK’s networks – so whether you’re on Three, EE, Vodafone or O2 you’ll find a great saving here. Plus, we’ve added the best Black Friday savings from Carphone Warehouse too for good measure.

EE Black Friday Deals (See all)

EE Icon

iPhone 6s – Save £149.99 (See deal)

EE’s Black Friday deals also run until Monday and are every bit as tempting. For a start, you can get the iPhone 6S on what EE claims is its best ever deal.

It’s available on a 4GEE Essential Plan with 500MB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts, plus 3 months of BT Sport, for just £33.49 per month with no upfront cost, or on a faster 4GEE Plan (which also includes EU roaming) with 2GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for £35.99 per month with no upfront cost. Those are brilliant prices for a fairly recent Apple flagship.

Galaxy S6 – Save £149.99 (See deal)

Similarly, EE has a great deal on Samsung’s 2015 flagship – the Galaxy S6, which you can currently save £149.99 on over the life of the contract if you grab it with 500MB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts – that lot will cost you just £23.49 per month, with no upfront cost.

Huawei P9 – Save £149.99 (See deal)

Or if you want something newer there’s the Huawei P9, which is Huawei’s main 2016 flagship and combines a slim metal build with a brilliant dual-lens camera. That’s available with exactly the same allowances as the Galaxy S6 and at exactly the same price – for the same overall saving of £149.99.

Three Black Friday Deals (See All)


Apple iPhone SE – Save up to £187. (See deal)

Three’s also got a tempting deal on the Apple iPhone SE, which you can get with the same allowances for £35 per month and no upfront cost, saving you £172 over 24 months.

That’s for a 16GB model, but alternatively you can get a 64GB one for £40 per month, amounting to a £187 saving on the best compact phone around.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Save £229. (See deal)

Three’s standout deal is almost certainly for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as not only is this one of the best smartphones available, it also comes with a saving of £229 right now on Three.

That’s if you get the phone with 8GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts – which are seriously meaty allowances, and right now that costs just £44 per month with no upfront cost, saving you that huge sum over the two years of the contract.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 – Save £165. (See deal)

Or for something more mid-range (and even more affordable) Three’s selling the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (again with 8GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts), for just £31 per month and no upfront cost, giving you a saving of £165 in total.

That might be a mid-range phone but it has a high-end build, a great screen and a long-lasting battery, so you get a lot for your money.

All of Three’s Black Friday deals run until Monday, so you’ve got the weekend to think it over – though as things could sell out we’d recommend getting in early.

O2 Black Friday Deals (See all)


O2’s Black Friday deals run longer than rivals, with many ending on Wednesday November 30th – but as they could sell out you still shouldn’t wait around.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – save £62 (see deal)

Top offers include a free Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 7.0 thrown in when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. That offer is available on a range of tariffs, and with Samsung’s curvy flagship starting at just £36 per month with £9.99 upfront it’s a great extra.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra – save £60 (see deal)

Or if you just want to save money on a phone you could consider the Sony Xperia XA Ultra, which O2 is offering at a £48 saving, with the handset available for £25 per month with no upfront cost, netting you 500MB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts with this massive 6.0-inch phone.

Huawei P9 – save £81.99 (see deal)

There are also Black Friday savings to be had with the Huawei P9, which you can get with 500MB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts for £26 per month and no upfront cost. Usually it’s £29 per month with £9.99 upfront, meaning you’re saving £81.99.

Vodafone Black Friday Deals

Vodafone 4G

Vodafone’s Black Friday sale isn’t live yet – it seems the network is waiting for the actual day, but worry not, we’ll be back with all the best offers once the sale starts.

Carphone Warehouse  Black Friday Deals (See All)

Currently Carphone Warehouse has a ‘Black Tag’ sale that ends this evening (Thursday the 24th). It’ll likely be replaced with Black Friday offers tomorrow, but there’s no need to wait, as there are some great savings to be had already.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – save £200. (see deal).

For example, you can save over £200 on the Samsung Galaxy S7, which usually has a £209.99 upfront cost, but right now is free on a £24 per month Vodafone contract with 500MB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. That’s an amazing price for one of the best flagships of the year.

Or how about a Google Pixel? This is Google’s brand new flagship phone, powered by the tremendously useful Google Assistant, and for Black Friday Carphone Warehouse has cut the upfront cost from £179.99 to just £29.99, saving you £150 on a £35.99 per month EE contract with 2GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

Huawei P9 Lite – save £70. (see deal)

Or for something a little cheaper there’s the Huawei P9 Lite, which usually costs £100 upfront but right now is absolutely free and costs just £11.50 per month on an iD Mobile contract with 500MB of data, 150 minutes and 5000 texts.

Despite the name there’s not much ‘lite’ about this phone, with a 5.2-inch 1080p screen, an octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM and an aluminium frame making this almost a match for the full-fat Huawei P9.