March 14, 2016

Vodafone is boosting its 4G in Leeds, Bradford and Leicester

Vodafone brings 4G to Westbury

Vodafone has announced major 4G network improvements across Leeds, Bradford and Leicester. All of these cities already have strong Vodafone 4G, but with these upgrades the network aims to bring it to more than 98% of the population of each of these cities.

The improvement work will also boost 3G coverage in Leeds, Bradford and Leicester and it will strengthen both indoor and outdoor coverage for both technologies. It follows news of similar work in Brighton.

The upgrades are part of a £2 billion investment that Vodafone has made in its UK network over the last two years. The company is investing roughly £3 million every single day and those investments are already benefiting customers in Leeds, Bradford and Leicester.

Data use in all of these cities has skyrocketed as a result of previous network improvements. In fact, it’s near doubled since this time last year in both Leeds and Bradford.

Or to put it another way, according to Vodafone the average data traffic each week in Bradford is the equivalent of surfing the web for over 50 years. In Leicester it’s even higher, at the equivalent to either 720,000 hours or 80 years of web browsing each week.

Those are some mind boggling figures and data use is sure to grow even more once this latest round of improvement works is completed.

Results from independent technology consultancy LLC show that Vodafone already has unbeatable indoor and outdoor coverage in all these cities and it’s only going to get better.

It seems clear then that Vodafone is the network to be on if you live in Leeds, Bradford or Leicester. But other networks fare well in these cities too. EE, O2 and Three all report strong 4G coverage in both Leeds and Bradford. While O2 and Three also fare well in Leicester, though EE’s 4G is weaker here.