April 7, 2014

Lycamobile goes 4G with ‘unlimited’ data for £12 a month.

Lycramobile 4G

Lycamobile 4G Lifts Off…

With all the major networks now offering 4G, various MVNO’s such as GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile have started supplying it too. The latest of these is Lycamobile, a company focussed on low cost international calls.

The networks 4G service is live now and will give you 500 minutes, unlimited data and unlimited texts for just £12 per month and it’s available for both new and existing customers. If you’re already on Lycamobile just give the network a call to get switched to the 4G plan.

Lycamobile uses O2 as its operating partner so its 4G coverage is limited by O2’s roll out. Currently that means it’s available to over 19 million people in 16 cities and 160 towns, with 32 percent of the UK population covered in total, however that will grow over time. O2 has pledged to bring 4G to 98% of the UK by the end of 2015 and as O2’s coverage increases so will Lycamobile’s.

So with low prices and no data limits Lycamobile could be quite an appealing option. If you’re wondering why else you might want to choose Lycamobile for your 4G service it really all comes down to its international calling rates. For example you can call India, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, China and Turkey from the UK for just 1p per minute, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for 5p and Ghana for 7p.

You can also get free calls to other Lycamobile users in Europe, the USA and Australia for 30 days every time you top up. So if you have friends and family abroad it’s a handy network to be on.

  • Kevin

    Please note the Lycamobile deal for unlimited 4g is not unlimited but in fact Capped data allowance of 5GB of 4G data once the 5GB is used up, it falls back to 3G speeds

  • Stephen

    we are getting the 4G speed up to 10 GB after that it is reduced to 2G speed

  • Alex

    Also note that Lycamobile’s 4G service is not supported on the iPhone yet. We are awaiting a carrier update before this is available.

  • Sean

    It’s not unlimited then with the World Cup coming and no tv in my work 10gb won’t go far

  • Matt

    Not even 30 days into my UK Plan 12 and now the price has been bumped up 25% to £15.
    Locked in for another 45 days now too. No notice of price hike, just logged in and UK plan 12 is gone despite still being on adverts around my home town.

  • Abuhurerah Naseer

    Yes agree with u ‘Matt’ it’s absolutely ridiculous, just my third month and these knob-heads increased the price to £15, why the h… advertise everywhere that it’s £12!! And yea it’s bloody all advertised still as £12 all around my town, haha. I’m gonna leave lyca and get some better deal. They try to hook u on and after a small while they change all the prices lol

  • John

    @ Matt

    I recieved a text today stating that my plan will be changing to UK Plan 15 and I will be automatically charged the new price in a few days, I am considering cancelling my “autorenew” out of principle, will allow a day for me to calm down from their bare faced cheek before I properly decide.

  • Michael

    We need to take them to court. I want the 12 pound deal as still advertised . Its not fair and we should not stand for it. 4G almost never works in london it seems . Very disapointed in LYCA. Dont join them!

  • Leon

    You lot really complaining over a few pounds? Wether it’s £12 or £15 the deal is still good. Your getting unlimited internet!! I’ve got a contract sim that’s on EE and they don’t do an unlimited data plan.

  • aleksej

    does anybody knows what mobile coverage network do they use , like vodaphone or o2?? thanx

    • Kevin Thomas

      Lycamobile uses O2 as its operating partner so its 4G coverage is limited by O2’s roll out.

  • Eddie C

    I just moved from Virgin Mobile. I had a special deal of £10 unlimited everything. Although I think it was capped for data. Virgin offers £5 discount after the first 3 months. all on a 30 day rolling SIM. Unfortunately I had to move networks due to poor coverage at home – but great coverage at work. Now I found O2 coverage good everywhere for 2g, but really poor 3g coverage, dissapointed with that, as it seems O2’s network has not improved there 3g network over the last 6 years in my area.

  • Pat

    Well just waste my 10£… they took my 12£ plan away – so going back to GiffGaff. Suck it Lyca.

  • jam

    How to activate £12 uk plan

  • Hooshang

    It’s more than a year that I’ve been using three’s 3G plan it’s grate ,price is £15 and real unlimited data , that’s perfect but remember never buy any phone or tablet from any network providers because they fry you!!. Lyca announced £12, 4G plan at the beginnig of the year but they increased it to £15 immediately .

  • dih706

    Wow, you all, we pay $70-$90 in USA for these kinds of unlimited plans with that much data. I know many families paying $300++ for mom, dad and 2 kids with Verizon or AT&T. And you all are complaining about paying 20 or 25 at most!!!! Cellular over here is a RIP OFF. Count your blessings. (Yes, there are a few of us who know about Lycamobile and I use it for my daughter, but my friends and snooty relatives think it’s just for poor migrant workers so they wouldn’t dream of it. I love it though and am thinking of using it myself!)