November 21, 2012

EE SIM Only 4G Plans

EE Sim Only

EE ( which owns Orange and T-Mobile ) has quietly sneaked in its SIM only 4G plans onto its website. These were originally due about two weeks ago but due to teething problems were not available at that time.


The new SIM only 4GEE price plans are for a minimum of 12 months and there is a choice of four SIM only plans. EE are offering two types of 4G SIMs and these are the NANOSIM for the iPhone 5 and the COMBISIM used in HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia 4G phones.


One thing that EE doesn’t highlight to consumers signing up for a 4GEE SIM only deal is that the SIM will only work with a 4G phone that operates on the 1800MHz frequency band – the only band that EE’s 4G phones operate on. We know this may be obvious to lots of people, but a 4GEE SIM only plan can only be used with a 4G phone supplied by EE.


The four 12 month SIM only plans all offer unlimited calls and texts and free Wi-Fi via BT. The pricing starts at £21 a month for 500 megabytes of 4G mobile data with the most expensive SIM only plan offering 5 Gigabytes of 4G mobile data for £36 a month. think that many people arriving at the 4G SIM only area of EE’s website will end up either confused or buying something that won’t work at 4G speeds. This is because it looks to us that consumers can order a 4G SIM even if they don’t have a 4G phone. The only criteria when selecting which phone you have is by Manufacturer type e.g. Samsung. The only Samsung phones that will work at 4G speeds are the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE yet the EE system will let you order a 4G SIM for the Samsung Galaxy S2. see problems ahead for consumers and urge EE to look at this.