February 21, 2014

EE makes impressive inroads with 4G for UK travellers

EE makes impressive inroads with 4G for UK travellers

EE bring 4G to busy travel routes and destinations.

We have been following EE’s rollout of 4G since it launched back in October, 2012 and it just gets better, month on month.

Starting from zero 4G customers at the time of launch, EE accrued two million customers 10 months later and looks set to move towards five or six million by the years end. A recent financial report issued by EE shows they added over 800,000 4G customers during the last quarter of 2013 alone.

EE has not been slow to take advantage of its market leading position by ensuring that customers looking for 4G whilst on the move are catered for.

Recent research from Ranstand Analysts points out that  “in a survey of over 2,000 British workers, the number of employees who work while they commute has risen from 4.8% in 2008 to 7.5% in 2013”.

The research makes it clear that many users need 4G whilst on the move. EE obviously understand this, by ensuring 4G is accessible to their customers no matter which mode of transport they use.

EE’s 4G Network Rollout

EE confirmed it has rolled out 4G to a further 14 towns and cities. These : Belper, Cannock, Ellesmere Port, Grangemouth, Harrogate, Hartlepool, Keighley, Motherwell, Paignton, Richmond (North Yorkshire), Skelmersdale, Torquay and Widnes.

EE are now in the commanding position of offering 4G to users in 174 towns and cities covering 70% of the UK population.

EE’s 4G Rollout to UK Airports

We recently covered that EE will bring 4G to the Channel Tunnel  during the Summer. EE have today confirmed that 4G is now available in 14 of the UK’s Airports. These are: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, City, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool John Lennon, Bristol, Nottingham East Midlands, Leeds-Bradford, Belfast International, George Best Belfast City, Robin Hood and Blackpool.

4G Rollout to Trains

In addition, EE confirmed it is making 4G connectivity available on some of the busiest rail routes this year. 4G will first be switched on for the line from London Euston to Birmingham New Street, then it will extend to Manchester and Liverpool, and at the same time south from London Victoria to Brighton. Before the end of the year it will be extended to Glasgow.

4G Voice Call Quality and Reliability

EE have committed to spending £275 million for 2014 on call quality and innovation.

4G phone call quality and reliability will be improved for rail passengers on routes from London Euston to Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street will be enhanced by summer, with routes from London stations to Bristol, Nottingham, Southend and Cambridge joining by the end of the year.

4G phone call quality and reliability will also be improved for motorists on the UK’s busiest roads. The M25, M1, M4, M6, M8 and M74 will all be enhanced routes by summer. The M3, M5, M40, A1(M) and M62 will all be covered by the end of the year.

Looking for a summary of the progress with EE’s 4G Mobile network rollout ?

  • lee

    4G Voice Call Quality and Reliability??
    EE does not support Voiceover IP yet, if there is no 3G coverage phone and text will not work correctly if oyur on 4G (not sure if 3G is a prerequisite for 4Gto work) but i would expect 4g to make voice calls drop more as 3G is not known to be very reliable (your phone says it has a signal but no network service)

    as to why i leave my Main phone on 2G all the time as its only used for email/calendar and calls and text, i never get a diverted call on 2G unless it is a low signal issue (no response/unconnectable divert set to my fun phone so if network cant connect to phone it diverts it to other phone) on 3G 20% of my calls divert (and battery lasts 3 days on 2G compared to less then a day on 3G)

    my fun phone is set to 3G only thought, need InsertCoin to Fix there rom so i can set it to 3G/4G only, as its only giving me 2g/3g/4g or 2g/3g or 3g only options, i want 3G/4G only as O2 network where i am is find to have good coverage typically on 3G due to them spamming 3G900 masts all over the place
    the problem with having 2g/3g/4g auto is all phones Drop to 2G after 60 seconds(unless your on Three network as they lack any Home 2G network to fall back on), it does that as 2g typically has better signal and can move between masts with out dropping the call (3G masts some times it will not migrate over to another mast so call drops or there is no other mast for the phone to move over to so call drops)

    cant imagine how Three network even functions in london, as 3G is very poor at handling multiple devices connected to the same mast (Vodafone has this issue in some parts of london with full signal but 5% mobile services on 3G, the Fix is to switch off 3G and voice and text will work again)