August 13, 2014

EE launches new smartphone insurance plans

EE launches new smartphone insurance plans

Smartphones are expensive, but they’re also small enough to be easily lost and fragile enough to be easily damaged, so it’s not a good combination. Fortunately it’s possible to get smartphone insurance and EE has just launched two new plans to suit different needs.

Kate Horler, Head of Mobile Insurance Products, EE, explained that: “With the smartphone at the centre of our customers’ digital lives, we understand that losing or breaking a device can be stressful. As a result, we’ve evolved our insurance packages to help minimise the disruption this causes and provide even greater peace of mind and exclusive benefits to our customers.”

The more basic of the two is called ‘Damage Cover’ and the name is a bit of a giveaway, as it covers you if your phone is accidentally damaged. It’s £6.50 per month and customers will get a replacement phone if theirs is accidentally damaged. Claims are processed the same or next day too, so you won’t be left phoneless for long.

If you want protection against loss and theft as well as damage then EE’s Full Cover is what you’ll need. This one comes out at £10 per month and includes same or next day replacement of your handset. If you’re using an Android handset then it also comes with a free subscription to the EE edition of the premium version of Lookout Mobile Security, which protects your phone from viruses, as well as providing content back-up and theft alerts.

Plus all customers who take out EE’s Full Cover insurance will be eligible for exclusive discounts of up to 50% off their upgrade fees mid contract.

Both insurance plans are available now and can be taken out at EE stores, from the EE website or through EE telesales.

  • Kate jolly

    How do I go about getting cover on my iPhone?

  • Abbie Hall

    I was missold this full cover insurance. I was sold it in the store & must have asked everything under the sun in regards to it. When I asked if there was any excess I was told “none”. A couple of months later I received a standard text from EE asking if I was told there was an excess of £70. Obviously I replied ‘NO’. I was very annoyed at this point and called my mum who is also with EE and I knew she had taken out the same insurance. She too had received the same text. Clearly the misleading sale of this insurance is quite a regular problem if it requires EE to send a text out asking if people were informed. Two months later, i fell over on my way home, just a little trip and accidentally cracked my screen, although the crack was very small a tiny piece of glass had fallen out, obviously quite an issue for my poor thumbs. I called EE to make a claim, the chap was a lovely Irish fellow who seemed very concerned about my fallen and when I said I couldn’t afford any excess he continued to reassure me that as I have ‘full cover’ there is not a penny to pay. As you can imagine, I was very releived. Anyway, went through to the actual insurance team who confirmed I had been successful and asked all the details of where the replacement phone should be sent to. Next thing I was told that £75 would be added to my next bill. As you can imagine, I was furious. I then made a complaint, spoke to a chap from the management team who said “well you got that text so you were clearly told” nothing to do with the two other people who gave me contradicting information and one of them being AFTER that text. He spoke to me like rubbish and I intend to leave EE the minute my contract is up. I have been with EE for many years and always had good things to say until this. I am appalled that they would treat their valued long term customers so terribly. Will never be recommending EE to anyone again.

    • Basiclife1

      Sounds like exactly what happened to me, except the excess for me was £100.

      • Paul Hansford

        I’ve just dropped mine, I pay the insurance, and was astonished to find my excess is £100. I’m removing the insurance from tomorrow, can get it fixed locally cheaper, this is a rip off

        • Basiclife1

          Yep. I re-read my paperwork looking for this mythical “£100” that I apparently managed to miss (I read all paperwork I sign, so I was pretty surprised).

          Eventually with the assistance of the store clerk, I found the line in 7pt text that said simply “Excess Band C”.

          No mention of the amount, nothing from the sales clerk, in fact nothing at all but a mis-sold scam.